“Airmid, also known as Airmed or Airmeith, is the Celtic Goddess of Healing.”


Welcome to AirmidRX! We at AirmidRX believe in a new kind of emergency first responder - one who takes the first courageous step towards vulnerability and self-compassion.

AirmidRX offers FREE meetings for female first responders to sit, talk and connect. We offer sustainable tools for first responders to care for themselves as well as a safe space for first responders to share their experience, strength and hope without interruption or judgment.

Meetings are for women only at this time and are held in a 12 step meeting format. All meetings are closed meetings which means they are not open to anyone who is not a current or previous emergency first responder. We are SO excited to launch AirmidRX and look forward to seeing you there! ⁣

ArimidRX Meeting Dates and Times:

Stay tuned!

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Please visit our Instagram @airmidrx for updates, tips, tools, meeting dates and times